Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week: The Japanese Designers

Comme des Garçons showed a collection of objects rather than a collection of outfits. It's almost as if each model had climb through a warehouse full of everything from trash to treasure. Each got stuck in items along the way and things stuck to them as they went.

Issey Miyake spends spring staring at the lights in the sky. Weather it's sunny gradients, dots of light from stars or bright and vivid mornings, Miyake brings detail out of the shadows and make it the focus of this luminous and sporty collection.

Junya Watanabe focused on people from the fringes of culture, but perhaps used a bit too much actual fringe. The parts of the collection with a punk edge an the jersey fringe worked surprisingly well. In fact, Watanabe forces the viewer to reconsider some sub culture fashion tropes for their fashion value rather than their campy cliche.

Tsumori Chisato took her traditional Japanese roots, mixed them European influences, doodled all over them and walked with dragonflies. She also posed a lot of her looks with an indoor/outdoor mix that added to the playfulness and gave some structure to the soft scenery in this light and girly collection.

Yohji Yamamoto likes to surprise, and he did so when his collection suddenly turned flourencent. It wandered back and fourth between his signature black and white looks and vivid color overloads. It seemed a bit confusing, but came together with inspirations like youthful excitement and Harajuku fashion.


Jennifer Wells said…
I tried to comment on this yesterday, g-mail kept choosing my work e-mail!

I think I like Yamamoto the best, although it doesn't lend itself as well to trickling down into mainstream fashions like the others do.

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