Etsy Shop of the Week: Bookish Charm

Shop: Bookish Charm

Why We Love It: November is National Novel Writing Month, which means on top of blogging, writing/editing for two publications full time, writing lessons for my church youth group and doing freelance writing for a blog, I'm also writing a novel this month. I'm tired. I'm also 6,400 words behind schedule. But never fear, I will catch up, and I will get a little boost of inspiration from this great book-themed jewelry from Bookish Charm.

Price Range: $17.50 - $28.50

Favorite Items:

Lord Byron Quote Necklace $24.50Louisa May Alcott Quote Necklace $24.50; Bookish is the new Sexy Necklace $24.50; Tolkien Quote Necklace $24.50; Jane Austen Quote $24.50; Book Lover Necklace $17.50; C.S. Lewis Quote $24.50; Poet Necklace $17.50; I write therefore I am $24.50; Cicero Quote $24.50; Careful, Novel Necklace $24.50 (pictured above)


Jennifer Wells said…
These are lovely, and really resonated with me. It brings up something I was thinking about today. I prefer "real," books over e-books. I want to experience the book physically.
Jael Paris said…
I would like these as a charm bracelet. It's less awkward when people try to read your wrist than when they read your chest.

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