What I Want to Wear From Fashion WEek SS14

Jael and I both kept galleries from fashion week. I finished my list of looks a long time ago then never went back to them until this week. It was interesting to go back through and see what I selected and remember why I loved it. Like Jael, my choices reveal a few things:
  • I'm developing a multiple personalities disorder. I want to find simple but interesting clothes that fit in better for professional events, but I also want to go crazy experimenting with things.
  • You can take the girl out of the boho bell-sleeve blouse, but you can't take the boho bell-sleeve blouse out of the girl.
  • I've been playing with elevating super casual pieces by dressing them way way up and creating a unique balance in my outfits.
  • I want coats and jackets and jackets and coats.
  • I'm also craving wide leg pants, and full skirts.


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