Wearing Lively Neutrals

When I introduced myself to my new department a few months ago, I had to share a fact about myself. I said, "I hate beige." This is not entirely true. I do hate khakis and natural makeup. While I understand why people wear nude shoes, they will never grace my feet.

However, I hate beige needs a caveat. I really hate phoning it in, wearing clothes that are so bland, they should be a uniform. Beige, brown, black, grey -- everyone's staple neutrals -- serve a purpose in my wardrobe: they let me play safely. The weirder an item of clothing is, the more likely I am to buy it in a neutral. My ankle length beige tutu is the perfect example. Starting in neutral allows me to gear up and go for it on mixing prints and textures.

Here is to the wild side of neutral.

Circles, Dots, Balls

Casual Summer

Dots 3/50

Downton at New York Fashion Week

Brown at Work



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