Project Runway All Stars Season 3 in 3 Thoughts

1. I love Avant Garde challenges, and I loved the inspiration for this challenge. No, I don't like bugs, and I don't want most of those things anywhere near me. I do, however, love them as inspiration for fashion (I want this). Exotic insects would make an amazing collection of clothes.

2. The problem of not knowing who to cheer for remains. I'm loving almost everyone. I can't say enough how much I want most of them to win. Even Daniel, who was eliminated, had such a great personality I wished he could stay, though not over Melissa. And the winner, Mychael, did a great job. Although so did Chrstohper, Elena, Irina, Korto (my favorite this week) and Seth Aaron. See them all in the slideshow below.

3. My only judging issue this week came with Jeffrey. This was an Avant Garde challenge. He took a big risk. It didn't come across quite right. It actually did feel a bit like student work. However, the judges kept saying, "No one would wear that." They didn't seem to know how to critique his work on an artistic level. They didn't even look at it that way. For them, Avant Garde still had to mean ready to wear, and that bugged me (no pun intended).

Bonus thought: This is Heidi Klum in her Halloween costume.


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