What Does the Fox Wear?

I was going to call this post The Fantastic Fashion Fox or maybe F - O - X or even "I Am the Mother Effing Fox," but then this video happened:

Anyway, foxes (foxen?) appear to be a bit of a trend at the moment. I keep seeing the silent sneaks on all sorts of sundries. They're cute, sly and now they have a soundtrack.

Fox Sweaters
Pictured: Kissing Fox Sweater, Ann Taylor, $79; Fox Crewneck Sweater, Nordstrom, $54; Hipster Fox, Old Navy, $33

Fox Tops
Pictured: Love is Sly Tee, Modcloth, $28; Fox-Print Top, Dillard's, $20; Fox Tee w/ Leaves, Modcloth, $30

Fox Jewelry
Pictured: Fox Necklace/Earrings Set, Delia's, $9; Fox Mask Necklace, Shoptique, $91; Fox Ring, Forever 21, $5; Origami Fox Necklace, Max & Chloe, $70

Fox Socks (This is fun to say. There is a poem that takes advantage of it.)
Pictured: Knee High Fox Front Socks, Topshop, $12; Oatmeal Fox Print Socks, Dorothy Perkings, $4; Fox Crew Sock Set, Urban Outfitters, $12; Fox Ankle Socks, Forever 21, $1.50

Other Fox Finds
Pictured: Fox Flats, Modcloth, $35; Fox PJ Set, Topshop, $40; Fox Bag, Modcloth, $35

Do you feel foxy or is this trend better left to the forest critters?


Anonymous said…
Also, they remind me of my son, who just turned 8, because they are so handsome.
jelloqueen said…
If we are Foxy Ladies, why not wear a fox, LOL! I love the fox flats!!

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