Shopping Statement Bracelets

There are two big trends in bracelets right now. One is to stack a bunch of tiny bracelets of mixed materials so that your arm looks like a flea market. The second is to spend a few hundred dollars on several similar yet vaguely different bangles. I would rather save my money by purchasing one statement bracelet, and my arm won't clack when I move either.

Top: gem and flower bracelet, Betsey Johnson on Amazon $60
circles bracelet, Met Museum $85 
rhinestone mint leather wrap bracelet on Amazon $14
Middle: white leather and gold frame cuff, Simply Soles $45
red links, Juicy Couture on Amazon $48
moth cuff, Anthropologie $38
Bottom: coral and pearl bangle, Juicy Couture on Amazon $60
peacock feather bracelet, Met Museum $155
pearl strands, Shop Bop $38


Anonymous said…
I love the look of bracelets, especially cuff bracelets, but I hate wearing them. I spend a lot of time on a laptop, and the way that they get in the way as I type drives me nuts. Those are really pretty choices, though.
Jael Paris said…
Leather wrap bracelets are great for that problem.

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