Love or Loathe: Camo

Camo is having a moment. This is yet another example of current trends copping a Midwestern staple; after all, the first day of hunting season is practically a holiday in Michigan. Once again, it's fashion not because anything playful or interesting is going on with it, but rather it's fashion because thin rich girls on the coast are wearing it. I seriously hate this trend. Like denim on denim or flannel shirts, this trend doesn't work here.
Each of these items sells for over $200.

But I also think I'm being overly sensitive. Everyone can play with a print, and mixing such a masculine, practical print with something as feminine as a silk skirt is playful and interesting. (So she says to her ranty self from a paragraph past.) After all, this is really just tonal splotches, not that different from an abstract print or paint splatter.

Still not wearing it. What do you think of the camo trend?


Jennifer Wells said…
I can appreciate what you're saying, but if I'm being totally honest, I have never enjoyed camo as a print for civilians to wear. That may not make sense because I enjoy military styles in general so much, but I guess the difference is that I see other styles--leather boots, trench coats, pea coats, etc.--as being well-made and serving a practical purpose.
Jael Paris said…
I have similar feelings about its military associations. I met a lot of broken Vietnam veterans when I was young who still wore camo every day. While I also very much like the braids and buttons of older military styles, the veterans of the Napoleonic Wars are no longer around. I associate those styles with paintings, not PTSD.
Jennifer Wells said…
Good point. Yeah, camo is somehow more real when it comes to invoking war.

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