Etsy Shop of the Week: Kiva Ford

Shop: Kiva Ford

Why We Love It: Ever since I visit the island of Murano outsie of Venice, Italy, I've had a thing for glass jewelry. We visit the shop of a glassblower who created stunning work, and the entire area offered some of the prettiest glass jewelry I've ever seen. (I had a glass ring, but it broke!) These glass sculptures and jewelry from Kiva Ford remind me of the lovely glass I found in Venice. text

Price Range: Necklaces and earrings range from $45 to $116. Ornaments and other glass sculptures

Links: Website / Facebook / Video

Favorite Items:

Pictured: Anatomical Heart in a Jar Necklace $115; Brain in a Jar Necklace $115; Message in a Bottle Necklace $81; Rose in a Bell Jar Necklace $80; Klein Bottle Necklace $77; Ruby Twist Glass Earrings $76; Klein Bottle Earrings $130; Blue Glass Pendant $118 (pictured above)


Jael Paris said…
I keep forgetting to give you a glass ring that I have.

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