My New York Fashion Week Pick: Thom Browne

You may have noticed that Fashion Week has been runway stomping right along with nary a peep from us. Because of our busy schedules this season, we've decided to present our Fashion Week findings in themed gallery format once all the shows have been presented.

To make sure the truly spectacular don't get buried, the best shows of each city will get their own recap. My pick for New York is Thom Browne. His shows have thrilled me since he started designing women's clothing. (His menswear is pretty spectacular as well.) In a city that is aggressively commercial, it's nice to see someone embrace the art of fabric design. Browne's Spring 2014 offerings simultaneously remind me of Queen Elizabeth I, the frills of mushrooms, Mrs. Haversham, broken china, and broken butterflies.

From an artistic standpoint, I love the exaggerated proportions, ghoulish makeup, and the fabric treatments that a beginning seamstress like myself could only dream of.

From a wearability standpoint, the layered skirts, combination of textures, and navy and white color scheme are all good starting points for integrating into my own wardrobe. And the shoes. Give them to me now.


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