Tell Us What You Think: Project Runway Recaps

This week I posted my first Project Runway recap of the new season, and I want to know what you think of the new format. Instead of a long, detailed recap post, I decided I would switch to a format with key thoughts on the episode, a few key looks and some favorite moments. I'm calling it "Project Runway season 12 in 12 thoughts (or less)." I've decided to do this because the longer posts, though fun to write, were becoming overwhelming. As Zac Posen said in last night's episode, no little elves are going to finish my posts at night.

You can read the post here. I plan to keep posting these every Thursday before the next episode airs. What did you think? Are you a fan? Do you miss the old style?

Tell me what you think in the comments, what else you might like to see, and what you might miss from the big recap posts I've done in the past.


I like the shorter format just fine but not the timing so much. In my mind a week later and a week of other tv moments have gone by. I'm more likely to engage with a posting made within a day or so rather then a week later.
Anonymous said…
I like the new shorter format as well. I also like the Thursday dedication. This gives me time to watch the episode online and no surprises are revealed!
Rachel said…
I like the new shorter format. Thanks for posting them every week- I really like discussing/commiserating after each episode!

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