The Horror: Max Mara Fall 2013

Max Mara usually makes pretty but boring clothes. The best button down and pencil skirt in my closet are this label (scored at Goodwill!), but they are still just a button down and a pencil skirt. Much like Calvin Klein, they are a brand we would wear, but don't usually make an effort to cover during fashion week. That was a loss on our part this past season, because look at this ad for their Fall 2013 collection.

Yes, the model appears to be wearing sweats, sneakers, and a giant coat made from the hide of your teddy bear. Do you find this artistically inspired and totally worth thousands of dollars?

I've never quite understood casual designer attire anyway. The topic of $100 t-shirts is guaranteed to fly me into a frothy fashion rage. But I am also relatively broke, so designer always equates as special to me. Maybe only wear-to-work-special, but certainly not autumn-bonfire-special

If you were to (or have) plonk down the cash for a designer something or other, would you spend it on something special, or something you could wear all the time? How casual would you go for $500? Or would you only consider purchasing designer accessories since you never have to worry about the size?


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