Summer Travel Must-Have: Jersey Dress

As Jael posted a few weeks ago, summer is a time for travel. That travel may be for fun, but it may also be for events like conference, weddings, family reunions, etc... Recently I had to travel to Florida, in the summer, for a work conference. It was hot and I had to look professional not wilted. It was also a super quick trip so I didn't check a bag. Everything had to be crammed into a carry on.

I love jersey dresses for just about any type of travel. A simple dress works under a blazer for business-y things. Drop the blazer and add some jewelry and heels for the evening out. Or skip the fussy accessories, don some simple sandals and head out for an afternoon walk on the beach. Most jersey materials wrinkle minimally in a suitcase, and the minor wrinkles fade quickly after a brief stay on a hanger or even a few minutes on the body. They are also easy and comfortable in case you need to wear them on a plane, train or in a car.

To get the most wear out of a jersey dress, I look for simple shapes that aren't too trendy and flatter my body. I tend toward dresses in solid colors or classic prints like stripes or polka dots. They are easy to dress up for business or an evening out. I also love the nab these dresses during end of season sales. They are really season-less if layered properly, but they still go on clearance all the time.

Black Empire Dress, Boden, $62.40
Ruched Jersey Dress, Nordstrom, $128
Ruched Waist Dress, LOFT, $49.50
Cowl Jersey Dress, Ralph Lauren, $74.99


jelloqueen said…
I like the b;ack one, it can be used in so many settings~!

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