Big 60s Hair

The other day I woke up with giant hair. The body was amazing. Big waves and double layer bangs. I was a great day in the history of my head. In high school, when everyone wore their hair at flat as possible, my hair's body meant kids teased me for my frizzy giant 80s hair. I wish I had known then about the voluminous curls women worked in the late 60s. I would have shouted "I am Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy!" and run away, cementing my status as the class weirdo.


Jennifer Wells said…
Five or six years ago, my husband and I were sitting in church. I looked around at all of the teenage girls and said, "They all have the same hair." Completely straight, completely smooth. It's pretty, but people should have choices and variety.I asked my teenage niece once how kids her age felt about women not straightening their hair.

"They're weirdos," she said.

Jael Paris said…
There was some matchmaker on TV who told a client that she had to get a blowout or men wouldn't find her attractive. Biggest load of crap!
Meg said…
Love the volume! So pretty!
Anonymous said…
Who is the blond woman in the black and white photo? I should recognize her, but I don't. I thought maybe it was Kim Novak but I'm not sure.
Jael Paris said…
She's a French actress I'd never heard of, but I don't remember her name exactly.
Dan Ralph said…
She's not French, she's Italian. That's Virna Lisi. Famous over here for her co-starring role in "How to Murder Your Wife" with fellow co-stars Jack Lemon and Terry Thomas.

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