Paris Fashion Week SS13: Christian Dior, Miu Miu

Who: Christian Dior
What it made us think of: A study of the reflection and absorption of light.
What we liked: I like the shifts, but they're not very Dior.
What we didn't: It's going to be a while before I can be honestly critical instead of emotionally critical about Raf Simons' work. I loved Galliano's historical craziness so much. That said, this show indicates less romanticism in fashion's future. Sad face.

Who: Miu Miu
What it made us think of: A rumpled femme fatal just getting off a seven hour flight and discovering that her luggage has been lost.
What we liked: long pencil skirts, a cape, chambray, jewelry, dramatic eyes
What we didn't: terrible sandals, fur stoles, baby bangs, crop tops, hyper pointy shoes

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