Shoe Trends to Expect in Spring

With a couple ugly, glaring exceptions (Looking at you Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Vivienne!), the platform didn't make waves on this spring's runway. I don't think this means the fabulous summer espadrille is going anywhere, but after nearly a decade of platform dominance, it's a significant shift.

And where are we shifting? Stream-lined pointy-toed shoes. Being both short and the owner of two small feet, I can get away with some degree of leg-lengthening points before I veer into clownish territory, but I know some women don't feel they can wear pointy toes at all. And and severe, toe-crushing point really has no place anywhere, in my opinion.

Are you excited about the passing of the platform? Are you thrilled about pointy toes? Will this be a factor for consideration when you buy shoes for fall? What is your favorite shoe trend ever?


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