Paris Fashion Week SS13: Manish Arora, Paco Rabanne

Who: Manish Arora
What it made us think of: India hopped up on candy
What we liked: fish scale armor leggings, sheer leggings, geometric animal heads, jewelry prints, jeweled belts, fish scale everything
What we didn't: Some of this went to a Baby Phat place.

Who: Paco Rabanne
What it made us think of: Captain Kirk is being held captive by a planet of sexy warrior women! Will the crew be able to save him, or will he be forced to make sweet love to these ladies until the end of time?
What we liked: chain mail, gladiator skirts, metallic, purple, 
What we didn't: blinged-out fisherman sandals, thigh-high gladiators, overly chunky metal, the complete lack of Chris Pine

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These are perfect for red carpet events, love it.

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