Etsy Shop of the Week: GossamerCouture

Shop: GossamerCouture

Why We Love It: The lovely organza masks, collars, cuffs and jewelry are a fascinating mix of dark and delicate. Also, you can buy really cool make-up stencils for additional special effects.

Price Range: $5.50 - $60

Links: Facebook 

Favorite Items: (click through the below gallery to see our favorites)

Pictured: Gold Flower Organza Collar $60; Blue 'Wild' Organza Mask $35; Black 'Wild' Organza Collar $47; Black Organza Asymmetrical Mask $35; Black 'Cityscape' Organza Mask $35; Black Organza Earrings $20; Pink 'Wild' Organza Cuff $20; Animal Print Stencil Set $12; Triangle Makeup Stencil $7; Hearts Makeup Stencil $5.50; Mask in Red Organza-shown with collar (also pictured above) $35


Anonymous said…
I love the way that we can now scroll through different examples of something that you're featuring.

Thank you!


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