$150 Challenge: Bright Sweater Dress

Just like I did last week, I'm taking on the Jael Paris' fall inspiration sets and creating a similar look for under $150 Challenge. Like I said last time, Jael Paris focuses on style for her inspiration sets rather than price, which is why this look costs $2,200.
Bright Sweater Dress

My look (below) costs only $147.03. I kept the essence of the look by finding a basic bright sweater dress and pairing it with brown neutrals. Jael used a gold beaded statement necklace. Because that was out of my price range, I went for a bold, gold chain necklace in a similar style. I was able to keep the same ring because it only cost $7.82. I also had a few extra dollars so I threw in some tights for extra coziness.
$150 Challenge: Bright Sweater Dress

Multi-Chain Necklace, Forever 21, $8.80
Bright Sweater Dress, Old Navy, $29.94
Round Sunglasses, Forever 21, $3.50
Wedge Buckle Boots, Target, $34.99
Croc-Textured Tote, Target, $34.99
Wood and Vinyl Ring, Monki, $7.82
Brown Fashion Tights, Target, $4
Floppy Felt Hat, Nixon, $22.99


Rachel said…
Love this. Goes to show you that you can get the same look on a budget :) Nice job, ladies.
Jael Paris said…
Your bag looks more expensive than mine.
becca said…
And my bag costs $283 less. (Although I much prefer the pricey sunglasses).

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