I Like Big Belts

After five years of blogging, I've covered 10 seasons of fashion shows, not including Resort, Pre-fall, and Couture. Year after year, I'm always pleased to see big statement belts. Alexander McQueen had some of the best last year, large silver petals cinching delicate organza and snowy furs. A belt covers a breadth of clothing problems and is easy to grab on a day when you can't think beyond your favorite jersey dress.
bug belt, ASOS $26.39
silver locking U belt, ASOS $21.11 (sale) Also available in gold.
beaded cummerbund, Arden B. $34
plate and spike belt, ASOS $26.39
bow belt, ASOS $26.39
silver and gold bead stretch belt, Anthropologie $19.95 (sale)


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