$150 Challenge: Fall in Teal and Pink

As I've been doing for the past couple of weeks (week 1, week 2), I've copied one of Jael Paris' fall inspiration looks and turned it into an outfit you can obtain for under $150. Once again, Jael puts these looks together with shape, color and style in mind rather than price. She doesn't intend for you to buy all the pieces. Rather, she hopes you'll find inspiration for your own wardrobe. This is why her fall teal and pink look costs $2,638.
Fall in Teal and Pink

To copy the look I went for a similar military style jacket. To keep costs down I used a very basic pant. Pink shoes are a bit tricky for fall, but I found a lovely pair of coral flats that looked great with the teal. The top in Jael's set only costs $26, but that would have put me $6 over my $150 limit so I found a $10 sweater shell at Target (But you face no obligation to stay under $150 so you could easily swap my sweater for Jael's top. You probably had the basic pants or some element already anyway). The entire look only costs $139.89.
$150 Challenge: Fall in Teal and Pink

Military Blazer, Mango, $39.99
Basic Chino Pant, Target, $17
Teal Sweater Shell, Target, $9.98
Gold Print Scarf, Target, $14.99
Grey Frame Bag, Amazon, $35.43
Coral Flats, Charlotte Russe, $22.50


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