Paris Fashion Week SS13: Viktor & Rolf, Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh

Who: Viktor & Rolf
What it made us think of: Pre-Raphaelites move on classic Hollywood.
What we liked: silver pleats, poofy poofs, feminine peplum moto vests, romantic hair, shoes
What we didn't: too many bows, pastels

Who: Rick Owens
What it made us think of: Crumbling medieval murals of angels and demons.
What we liked: unconventional silhouettes, the hair (really), rain coats, gold chain shoes, reptile...thing, fuzzy white material, 
What we didn't: The elastic tops of the dresses looked like a scrunchie.

Who: Gareth Pugh
What it made us think of: Kung fu vampire super villains
What we liked: billowing pants that looked like a cloud of evil smoke, delicate laser-cut leather, hair sticks, sharp shoulders, bell sleeves, high collars
What we didn't: unfinished hems on the pants

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Anonymous said…
The descriptions crack me up.

Concerning pastel colors, I love them. They lighten my mood.

bridalbuy said…
The descriptions crack me up. I love them.

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