Easy White Dress

Maybe it's because I can't wear white at work, but lately I've been fixated on the white dress. I look at a bold necklace or a strong pair of shoes and say, "That would be perfect with a white dress." Evidence:

Bold Angel

Summer Cocktails

Wearing an Obi Belt

Nice Shoes

Midnight in Paris

I'm especially fond of an easier cut like a shift or a t-shirt dress. Without figure-hugging curves, the dress becomes more of a blank slate.

How do you feel about white dresses?


Jennifer Wells said…
I'd never given much thought to a white dress before. I love white, button-down blouses, but haven't had much luck in the past keeping them from being ruined!
Jael Paris said…
This lady know how to clean it! http://thehairpin.com/tag/ask-a-clean-person
becca said…
I love a white dress. I've been one q quest for one for years. I've always had a hard time finding a dress in my price range that wasn't awkwardly sheer and uncooperative with undergarments.

A t-shirt dress might be a good way to go though.

(I also really want a white sweater dress because I love winter white).

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