Love or Loathe: The Typical Two Piece Swimsuit

Crawling through the racks of suits at Target, jcpenny, Kohl's and such (I need a cheap suit for swimming laps), it seems like they all mostly carry the same suit: two triangles that turn into straps tied behind the neck and a pair of bikini bottoms. Sure, they have tankinis and a few one-pieces, but they mostly sell some variation of that suit and call it a halter, bikini, triangle or whatever. There are more of these suits than all the other styles combined. And I find that a little odd.

Sure, some women look great in these suits. And its seems to be the most popular choice so people must really like them. But I've never fit into them. Even as a thinner teen who played sports, the suits didn't sit right or offer enough support. Plus, I love to actually swim, which would kill any of these suits right away. Maybe they are only popular for those who enjoy laying out. (Although I still prefer the Ester Williams look for all my swimwear needs).

Every time I'm in a swimsuit department most of the women are crowded around the tankinis and one-piece suits hoping the cute ones come in their size even though the typical suits come in a much wider (and often cuter) variety of styles, prints and colors. This is why we always write about choice retro suits. Yet, retailers continue to sell that same skimpy suits in massive quantities. Someone must be buying. How do you feel about the typical swimsuit? Do you love it, tolerate it because it's whats there and easy to find, or loathe it?


Catie D. said…
I prefer one-pieces when I am forced to wear one (I hate swimming, the pool, and most things to do with the beach--yes, I'm a monster). However, I applied for a position as a Summer Camp Counselor this year, and if I get the job, we'll be at the pool three days a week, so I'll need a swimsuit.

Unfortunately, they don't make many one-pieces with good breast support, and very few of them (readily available -- my strange size makes me hesitant to order something before trying it on, especially if it's revealing that much skin) offer underwire. Even fewer of them have skirts that easily bypass the hip/thigh problem, and a straight one piece does nothing for a tummy.

I wish it wasn't so, but I do think the tankini is the way to go, especially now that I'm seeing shorts instead of briefs or shirt bottoms. I actually just had this conversation with my sister; she has the same "bustual" problem =P
Jael Paris said…
Catie, I'm right there with you about the beach. I don't get the appeal.
Jennifer Wells said…
I would like to be the odd person out and mention that I adore the beach, swimming, etc.

The only problem is that water terrifies me. Not lakes, oceans etc. themselves, but what might be lurking in them.

Anyway, back on topic, I don't understand why cute but modest swimwear is so hard to find. I am not comfortable showing that much skin in public. Maybe I'm an old lady.
becca said…
Catie, I have a Tankini that I love. It meets all requirements and actually looks like a one piece because the ruched top comes over the bottoms. I love it.

Nora, I love swimming too. And I'm also not comfortable with showing that much skin. It's just not my style. I don't know why the more modest suits can't at least be made from the cute fabrics. We aren't old ladies and we don't want to look like them.
Jael Paris said…
The skin thing for me is also a matter of sun exposure. I'm very pale and don't want to bath in sunscreen because I'm completely uncovered.

Although, the triangle bikini is most likely the cheapest bathing suit you can buy. Anything with bust support, tummy control or non-string is usually at least double the price. The retro suit I have was a T.J. Maxx clearance deal, but it was originally over $100.
Catie D. said…
I have a problem with the skin thing, too. I don't mind sunscreen (certain brands make my face break out, but it's been so long that I don't remember which ones), but I don't like how I look when I'm tan. My pale skin goes better with my dark hair.

Plus, I don't tan evenly. And actually, I normally just burn, then the burn tans, and then the tan peels away and I'm pale again, but I'd much rather not go through the burning period =P
Shannon said…
If you really want to swim, get serious with TitleNineSports dot com or Athleta dot com suits. Although not "cheap" they are meant to be played in, jumped around in and generally used. They are definitely "sporty" so if you're looking for a fashion suit, they may not work for you either. Still, I swim, surf, paddle-board etc and find suits from those brands really hold up to my demands.
becca said…
Shannon, Thanks for the tip. I'm just getting back to doing some serious swimming. Once I get back in shape, I want to invest in a good suit again. I'll have to check those out.

P.S. I've always wanted to learn to surf. (Living in Michigan has made that a tricky desire.) One of these days I'm going to do it.

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