Budget Sport Swimsuits Under $50

I'm not the biggest fan of exercise or sports, but I love swimming and water sports. Recently, I gained access to a lap pool so I can actually workout by swimming (which I find much more pleasant that working out any other way). However, I need a one-piece sport suit. One-piece is a pool rule, and really the best way to go for athletic swimming. They said I could wear my tankini, but it floats up and gets in the way during a good swim. I don't want to spend much on a sport suit though because I'm trying to get back into shape, which means the suit might not fit in a few months. These budget-friendly buys under $50 are perfect .

Budget Sport Swimsuits Under $50

Juniors Zipper Racerback Suit, Target, $24.99
Starburst Tank Suit, jcpenny, $42

Paisley Print Crisscross Back Suit, Target, $34.99
Crisscross Stripe Tank Suit, Walmart, $15
Basic Blue Trim Crossback Suit, Target, $29.99
Mesh Detail Tank Suit, Walmart, $15


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