Project Design: Fruit

My favorite think about spring is the coming abundance of fresh fruit and veggies, especially fresh berries. When berry season hits full swing, I eat little else. On top of being tasty fruit is also pretty. I love the bright colors mixed in a salad or the rich berries mashed into my yogurt. Nothing is happier to wake up to than a bowl of strawberries and cream. Now I'm hungry. Which fruit do you find cute?

Cherry Print Dress by MichelleTan

Fruit Tart Bobby Pins by Zjakazumi

Summer Fruit Silk Scarf by ArmeniaOnSilk

Oranges Earrings by polishedtwo

Pink Grapefruit Leather Pouch by LaLisette

Strawberry Necklace by DanglingJewelry

Mixed Fruits Clutch by RiRuDesigns

Strawberry Circle Skirt by whispylove


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