Etsy Shop of the Week: lala Design Studio

Shop: lala Design Studio

Why We Love It: I have a nameplate necklace that I love. It's written in Armenian. My mom has one. My grandma had one. My aunt has one, and several other women in our family have them. I also have an initial necklace that belonged to my grandmother. It's an "e" so people always ask why I'm wearing it because my name is Rebecca. I get to tell them about my grandmother and how my mom and I both share her name as our middle names. Initial and name jewelry is special. My grandma's costume "e" necklace is one of my favorite possessions. Any of these lovely initial, name or specially designed pieces from lala Design Studio could easily become a special heirloom like the "e" necklace or a tradition like my family's Armenian necklaces.

Price Range: $20 - $110

Favorite Items: Calligraphy Initial Necklace $65 (pictured); Personalized Initial Bracelet $70; Custom Script Name Necklace $50; Custom Initial Pendant $50; Oxidized Custom Initials Necklace $60; Two Lovers Bracelet $75; Custom Initial Post Earrings $20


Jennifer Wells said…
That's very interesting, thank you for sharing a family story with us!

The necklaces are lovely, but I wonder if some of the loops and swirls would catch on things.

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