Love or Loathe: Socks with Sandals

Jael Paris touched on this a little bit back in 2008 when she asked about ankle socks, but I've been seeing more and more socks with sandals and open toe shoes so it warrants it's own post. The pairing has been on the spring runways for a while. I saw some people listing it as a trend the past two years, but now I'm really seeing it everywhere. Ankle socks, cuff socks, mid-calf socks, crew socks, knee socks, thigh-high socks and tights are becoming a constant pairing with sandals, peep toes and the like. Vogue Italia recently posted a street style slideshow of socks and sandals.

I might not have a lot of company on this, but I love it. I love my sandals so I really like the idea of extending them behind the short Michigan summer. Fun socks are actually pretty cheap so its an affordable way to add a current trend and pops of color to my wardrobe. I love all those cute lace socks I've seeing in stores, and it seems a waste to hide them in a shoe. After my friend who live in Japan brought me some super cute socks (Japan has better socks), I've been on a hunt for even more fun finds. This trend is perfect for my sock obsession.

That being said, I think the socks and sandals trend can go very wrong. If I wear crew socks with my walking sandals I risk going the way of my college drama professor. It sorta worked for him and his absent minded professor style, but it's hardly a fashion forward way to go.

Do you love or loathe socks with sandals? How would you wear the pair together?


Jael Paris said…
It depends on the socks and shoes. They have to be cute socks and the toes can't be very exposed by the shoes. I like it with peeps but with a minimal sandal, no.

This is a very popular trend in Asia.
Nikell said…
No way!! Either wear closed toe shoes with the socks or wear the sandals by themselves (^_^)
Rachel said…
"If I wear crew socks with my walking sandals I risk going the way of my college drama professor." Yes! Haha.

I'm not a fan. Some of our youth at church still do the white socks with athletic sandals thing. Sigh.
Jessica Sadoway said…
I like it! But I think it takes a certain amount of je ne sais quoi to pull it off. You have to commit to the look, that's for sure!
Rioco Kidswear said…
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