Party Dresses for Wedding Season

becca is the wedding party queen. I've been to three bridal showers that I remember: mine, which was a surprise and I still always think bridal showers are surprises because of it; our friend Rachel's, whose party was sort of over-shadowed by a crazy weekend and a car accident; and one for a college roommate who had a relaxing weekend getaway. I'm sure there were church basement affairs with sad balloons in there somewhere, but my brain might have purged those memories to make room for Lost trivia.

When a close friend gets married, you often find yourself buying lots of things for the big event. Even if you're not in the wedding party, you still drop some money for a new dress for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Wear the new dress to one event, to someone else's wedding, and to a date of your own.

Top: red ruffle dress, Anthropologie $168
blue colorblock faux wrap dress, Nordstrom $108
draped polka dot retro frock, Mod Cloth $97.99
embellished hem shift, ASOS $154.52
Bottom: coral pleat maxi, ASOS $118.16
metallic mint sheath dress, Anthropologie $148
metallic pink hexagon shift, ASOS $109.02
teal lace sheath, T Tahari at Nordstrom $138
peaches and cream embellished dress, ASOS $154.52

Suffering from wallet moths? Don't worry. We'll have a special post of budget dresses soon.


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