Denim Jackets

My 90s heavy week last week got me thinking about denim jackets. They're a classic in the American closet, but in the oh-so-casual 90s, they became a fashion must-have. I wanted one so badly but for some reason never found the right one. You know how it goes. This spring I'm loving them over a floral mini, gauzy black tee or anything neon.
Top: the right one, Nordstrom $58
neon pink moto crop, Urban Outfitters $89
puff sleeve jacket, Yes Style $37.80
Bottom: navy moto jacket, Macy's $79.99
button detail mandarin collar, Mango $74.99
taupe crop, Forever 21 $24.90 (Available in 4 colors.)


becca said…
I used to have some really cool denim jackets. I wonder if they're still lurking around somewhere.

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