Etsy Shop of the Week: Riordan Roache

Shop: Riordan Roache

Why We Love It: While I've never been a fan of minimalism as a trend, I love minimal, well-structured clothing as a blank slate for bold accessories. These basics are all about structure and detail.

Price Range: $28 - $150

Links: Facebook / Website / Vintage Shop

Favorite Items:
(click through the slide show below to see our picks)

Pictured: Cotton Cap Sleeve Dress $67.99; Bamboo T Shirt $33.99; Flared Polka Dot Skirt $67.99; Tie Shoulder Dress $76.99; Boatneck Dress $61.20; Hand Dyed Organic Cotton Dress $78.99; Chiffon Paneled Racerback Dress $89.99; Hemp Swing Cardigan Small $58.99; Colorblock T Shirt $46.99; Paneled Jersey Maxi Skirt $89.99; Solid Obi Belt $28

Pictured above: Asymmetrical Seam Shirt $45.99


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