The Hunger Games Fashion

I never expected fashion to play a major role in The Hunger Games. (I'll try to steer clear of specific spoilers here, but I might give away some general things so stick to looking at pictures if you're still waiting to read the books.) Even though fashion is not a part of Katniss' everyday world, once she volunteers for the games, she is polished, primped, buffed, and styled far beyond her comfort level. The work is necessary to entice the viewers in the Capitol and win her favor with fans and sponsors. Katniss is not at all comfortable with her duty as a style star, but as the series progresses she learns to wield the power of fashion to her advantage and ultimately that of Panem.
The Hunger Games: Fight Fear with Fire

Only one event comes along in District 12 that requires specific dress, The Reaping. Katniss and the other teenagers turn out in the best dress they can manage. For this reaping, Katniss' mother lets her wear one of her own dresses, a simple blue one. I created two options, unsure of how fancy the dress would be. The one on the right gets my vote though. Which do you think?
Reaping Clothes : Katniss Everdeen : The Hunger Games

Katniss expresses her confusion for Capitol fashions in her observations of the ever-overdressed Effie Trinket. If a trend exists, Effie will find a way to wear it, and she will manage to do so while wearing every other trend available. Her impractical and fanciful dress is a stark contrast to the simple attire Katniss prefers.
Hunger Games: Effie's Flutter Fashion

When it comes time to be presented to the masses, Katniss knows she will never be able to compete with the trained public presence of career tributes like Glimmer from the much wealthier District 1. She is sexy, poised, and comfortable with fancy dresses and high heels.
Hunger Games: Glimmer Glamour

Once the Games begin, Katniss is allowed to return to her fashion comfort level. She is at home in utilitarian leather boots, basic pants and tee, and useful jacket.
2011 In Books: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Below are some more of The Hunger Games inspired looks. Which fashions are you most looking forward to seeing in the film?


Jessica said…
I just can't wait to see the fire dress... I just love this books so much.Can't wait for the movie.

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Jael Paris said…
LALALA! I'm not listening until after Saturday. I've managed to blissfully learn nothing about these books so it will all be a surprise when I see the movie.
Hope said…
Very cool! I actually did a makeup tutorial inspired by Katniss on my blog. :) I'm so excited for the movie!!

Jennifer Wells said…
As much as I like everything, I think my favorite is the utilitarian clothing. I like to feel tough because I'm such a marshmallow.

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