Love or Loathe: Hunger Games Merchandising

The Hunger Games has probably been the biggest movie of 2012 since it was announced last year, and it still hasn't come out yet. The fan following is already fierce and dedicated. So, it's no surprise every retailer who can has taken advantage of the money making opportunities to had here. (I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but if you're still holding out come back when you've watched/read it just in case I give away some clues).

I expected the Mockingjay pin (pictured right, Amazon, $22.79) to be a big deal (and I have to admit to sort of wanting one, even though I know I won't spend money on it). I really like the nail polish from China Glaze (pictured below, Amazon $60.50 for 12 polishes). After all, a article termed The Hunger Games "Gladiator Meets Project Runway." Fashion tie-ins are reasonable given how important fashion is to the story.
Obviously, the branded merchandise like logo tees and hoodies exists for all big films. Even though they bug me, I expected the "Team Gale" and Team Peeta merchandise. But would you pay $150 (Amazon) for a replica of the arena uniform jacket that Katniss and all the other tributes wore? It's not a fire dress. And isn't this "District 12 Tribute" mini backpack (pictured right, Amazon, $9.99) going too far? None of us would really want to be a tribute.

I love the book, and I'm excited for the movie. I even like that they've made some cool fashion connections like the nail polish because I love how fashion is used to promote, empower, and lead a rebellion in the story. But I won't be wearing accessories straight off the set or be calling myself a tribute from my favorite district any time soon. That feels a bit too much like what the reality TV zombies and fashion slaves from the Capitol would be doing.

Do you love or loathe The Hunger Games fashion merch? Will you be buying any of it?


Vicki B. said…
I do not own half of the China Glaze collection, I did not scout several Sally's locations to obtain it, and you can't prove a thing.
Anonymous said…
Mockingjay pin - quite possibly. I loved it on the book cover and the replica on Amazon looks pretty good.
Possibly, quite possibly.
Rachel said…
I kind of love it. I might buy the nail polish just for kicks, but probably wouldn't wear any other merch.

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