Spring's Bright Pants

In 2009, I scoured the internet for red pants. Most choices were limited to black, grey, navy and beige. This spring, legs are bright and colorful. These pants are perfect for contrasting pastels, waking up neutrals, or playing with color blocking. Stock up now in case khaki rears its boring head again.
Top: blue linen drawstring crops, Express $59.90
sherbert pleat waist pants, Top Shop $70
neon pink eyelet awesomeness, J. Crew $158
green paper bag waist crops, Madewell $89.50

Bottom: pink marbled, J. Crew $99.99
kelly green crops, Express $69.90
mint crops, J. Crew $69.50
accordion pleat palazzo pants, Urban Outfitters $69


Jennifer Wells said…
The idea of colored pants is very difficult for me. I'm going to Polyvore, stat.
Jael Paris said…
I'll have a post about that on Wednesday!
Jennifer Wells said…

I'm always afraid of sticking with things that are indicative of my formative years (the 90s.)

That being said, I'm more comfortable introducing trends in subtle ways so that I don't feel like a big phony.

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