Etsy Shop of the Week: Michelle Tan

Shop: Michelle Tan

Why We Love It: When I imagine a perfect warm spring day, I picture an old soda fountain in the quaint corner drug store. Women in bright retro dresses are ordering all sorts of frothy drinks in tall glasses with pink and white striped paper straws. Michelle Tan has created the dresses, now we just need to find a soda fountain.

Price Range: $55 - $159

Links: Facebook / Flickr

Favorite Items: 1950s Rockabilly Dress with Full Circle Skirt $159 (pictured); Polka Dot Dress with Peter Pan Collar $145; Pencil Skirt with Bow & Front Pockets $55; Mad Men Deep V Back Dress $149; Color Block Black & White Dress $159


Coupon Codes said…
Loved that dot printed outfit! It's look great.
Jennifer Wells said…
When I was pregnant with my oldest son, we lived in Memphis. There, on Union Street, is the last functioning soda fountain within a drug store (at least as far as I know.)

I would stop by on my way home from work and get a chocolate soda.

Every. Day.
becca said…

I'm jealous. That sounds awesome (so does chocolate soda).

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