Love or Loathe: Placement is Key

Four years ago (Holy crap I've been writing this blog forever!), I wrote a post about how to wear nautical without looking like a Halloween sailor. My favorite suggestion was to throw in a little yellow. Maggy London's nautical stripe maxi dress follows that suggestion for a fun summer look. This dress, worn with flat sandals and a messy ponytail, is perfect for a picnic or a trip to the fair. Then I thought, "The yellow stripe kind of looks like a urine stain." Now I can't unsee it.

Is this still a fun summer dress or did I ruin it for you?


Megan said…
I thought the same thing when I saw that dress. Which is unfortunate since it's a very cute summer dress.
Jennifer Wells said…
I was thinking "mustard spilled from said picnic."

Now I can't stop seeing urine.
Rachel said…
Ha! Yeah, you ruined it for me ;)

Otherwise it would be a really cute dress!
Sarah O. said…
I'd like it if the stripe wasn't in mustard yellow (which also makes me think of mustard or urine). Maybe if it were a coral, mint green or hot pink stripe instead.
rachel said…
Or if the stripe were on the side or something... Why the center??
Jael Paris said…
Sarah, I like your color ideas!

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