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I Do My Own Thing

I Do My Own Thing by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring a knit skirt

Unlocking Spring:
We're ready for the weather to change with these tips for transitioning favorite clothing from winter to spring. Jael's found an adorable eyelet trench to get you through the rain spring days ahead. In case we need to unlock some door to enter spring, becca rounded up some key jewelery from Etsy.

Unlock Your Voice: Our new blogger, Vicki, shares why Free People need a dictionary and some more realistic prices. Jael Paris wants to know if you call your daily carry on a "purse" or a "bag"?

Unlock The Stores: Shop for adorable spring dresses from sohomode on Etsy. Find a rainbow of rings so charming you'll forget about the pot of Gold at the end. And see what becca would buy on a fantasy shopping spree for Jael Paris' birthday.

Milan Fashion Week:


Vintage- the way to keep it classy. Retro looks will always be fabulous.

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