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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Rainbow of Rings

After a survey of my jewelry box this weekend, I noticed that other than the obvious gold and silver, red and burgundy are the only colors I wear on my fingers. Jewelry's a quick way to add a punch of color to the familiar or tie in a color elsewhere in the outfit. If you wear a blue belt and sapphire ring with your brown dress, it suddenly looks like you put gobs of thought into your outfit when all you did was flex your kindergarten matching skills.

Alexis Bittar bubble jewelry
$147 -

Rachel Leigh fancy jewelry
$100 -

Dara Ettinger ring
$90 -

Marc by marc jacobs jewelry
$78 -

Roberta Chiarella ring
$38 -

TopShop stone jewelry
$30 -

MNG by Mango green jewelry
$24 -

MNG by Mango coral jewelry
$16 -

Acrylic jewelry
$13 -

1 comment:

Charles said...

soo pretty! I love the agate one and the red crackly looking one :)