Transition Weather

It's mid-March. We want spring, but let's not kid ourselves. It's still freezing when the sun goes down and the days are content to spit rain. As my husband said, "It looks like England out there." So we can't put away our sweaters, but we really want to wear our flirty new skirt. Here are a few tips for making favorite pieces transition pieces.

Chances are good that if you read Fashion Me Fabulous, you own a retro style dress. For cold days, contrast the girliness with a leather jacket and add additional warmth with a turtleneck. Sweater tights and boots keep up the warm, casual feel. For warm days, belt a bright cardigan on top. Play up the retro dress with retro heels.

Everyone has a favorite top in their favorite color. In winter, make that the focal point of your outfit. Layer it under a dark, print button down and structured blazer. Make it chic with skinny jeans and edgy boots. In spring, color is the inspiration. Pair your favorite top with a skirt in the same color family and a drapy, contrasting blazer. Tie it all together with floral shoes.

Regarding that skirt you can't wait to wear, wear it now with thick leggings and a sweater. Ground the look with furry boots. In a few weeks, wear it again with a casual top, tights, and open-toed booties.


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