Poll: Purse vs. Bag

becca informs me that no one calls purses purses anymore. They're bags. I don't like the word. Why be generic? Bag makes me think of those flimsy plastic numbers I get too many of at the grocery store. There are gas bags, bags of bones, and bags under the eyes, none of which you really want to think about. Now a purse, that has strings that control the money. A purse makes me think of lux leather or rich fabric holding all the brick-a-brac I carry to arm myself for the day.I worry that bag is an attempt to be gender neutral. But I don't think you're being gender neutral if a term and its perceived femininity is all that would keep a man from purchasing your product. It's not like carrying something is nonsensical for men considering all the tech an such people have on them now.


i L.O.V.E bag :D

Catie D. said…
When I was younger, I called it a bag to dispell rumors that I was actually a girl. Now though, a purse is something I use if I am dressing up and/or attending some sort of fancy...thing.

A bag is an everyday purse, or a canvas bag (or a laptop bag).

Susanelle said…
I like both words, and maybe this is just my own interpretation, but I think of a "purse" as a more formal and structured handbag -- something you'd carry to a dressy event -- and I think of a "bag" as one of those large, slouchy, unstructured things we all carry the rest of the time. I can't look at my giant turquoise bowling-bag-style bag and think of it as a "purse"... it would feel like calling a sandwich a "repast."
Fanya said…
So this might be silly, but purse in my mind is something smaller than a bag. My definition of a purse is a small bag that women carries (when it can fit your laptop in it, it stops being a purse and start being a bag), and a bag is something that can at least fit a notebook that BOTH gender can carry.

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