Project Design: Unlocked

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

When I was a little girl, I found a really cool old skeleton key. I carried it around on adventures in case I encountered a secret door in the side of a tree or an opening in the back of a closet. Surely any mysterious portal I found would lead me to a magical world where I would, of course, be a princess who would, of course, battle the evil Queen (and commandeer her wardrobe because Evil Queen have great clothes!). Anyway, that's all to say I have quite a fondness for interesting old keys. Which do you hope will unlock a magical mystery world?

Antique Gold Key Necklace by SparkleandStorm
Lock and Key Necklace by CuriousMissTwist
Childhood Romance Key Earrings by blackdelivery
Flowersun Heart Key Necklace by flowersun
The Key To Jezabel's Room Necklace by ChYMieRa
Key To My Heart Sterling Necklace by AnechkasJewelry
Noir Key Necklace by PASSIONandPAISLEY


Princess said…
I love the black key but I would prefer to wear the gold one :)
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Fanya said…
I didn't like the second one mainly because it would drive me nuts!

Ok, so you have a key, and a keyhole. What does my instinct tell me to do? stick the key in the keyhole of course. But the key is attached to the keyhole so you can't do that! Grr....
sparkleandstorm said…
As the owner of Sparkle and Storm, of course I vote for the antique gold key!! I really like keys as an accessory now...
Nicole said…
Wow! I just found out about this blog post and was so honored to see that my necklace was voted the favorite!! I'd probably pick the earrings since I'm an "earring girl". Thanks for the love!

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