Milan Fashion Week Fall 2011: Moschino, Moschino Cheap & Chic, Pucci

Who: Moschino
What it made us think of: If a branch of the military that required these uniforms, I'd enlist.
What we liked: The masculine/feminine mix, the excellent tailoring, the quirky details like a chicken hat.
What we didn't: Some of the feminine dresses were a bit of letdown compared the masculine looks.
Who: Moschino Cheap & Chic
What it made us think of: A 26 look tour of the major fashion cities.
What we liked: The concept of showing clothes from each fashion city, pretty dresses, cute coats, the fun shifts that represented each city
What we didn't: It could have been more adventurous for such a cool concept.
Who: Emilio Pucci
What it made us think of: Pucci beyond prints
What we liked: The adventure into texture, less color, and fewer dizzing prints in favor of texture and simpler prints--very different for Pucci, but also nice.
What we didn't: cut-outs, some of the print-less clothes ended up a little boring
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Anonymous said…
wow. moschino. wow!
loving all the designs!

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