Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel

I'm not the best at painting my nails. It's never been a talent of mine. I've found that the more expensive polishes are a bit easier for me because the cover easier and have less plastic-y brushes. I still mess up a lot though.

While looking for a new dark nail color, I noticed the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamels. Since it wasn't overly shimmery (I hate shimmer in my nail polish), I decided to try the midnight blue. I was hesitant at first because it was almost $4 instead of the $2 I usually spend; it didn't say quick dry (I'm impatient); and it had a weird wide brush.

That "weird" brush is the best thing that ever happened to nail polish. It's soft (but not too soft) and rounded at the tip which means it's actually easy to get the polish on the curve at the base of each nail in three strokes. It also curves to my nail easily so I don't miss the sides. I never want to use another nail brush.

The polish itself was pretty impressive too. The color was bold, dark and didn't require multiple coats. My black nail polish cost 99 cents and I have to apply about six thin coats before it starts to look normal. I got away with one coat of this stuff. This isn't the most chip resistant polish I've worn, but it's better than many polishes I've tried.

The main downside to this polish is the drying time. I'm used to quick dry polishes, and this is not quick dry. Even one coat takes a while to dry. I applied a pretty thin layer, but it was still very tacky when I tried to apply the top coat. Next time, I will let it fully dry before I add a top coat because the way I did it this time resulted in a few nicks and wrinkles since the drying time was so long.

One other downside is how few of the colors I like, but I suppose I don't need a huge selection.


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