Top 10 Colorful Coats

The sky has been grey for the last few days. The high, garbage-can-flipping winds have stripped all the colorful leaves from the trees. We're entering fall's grey period which foretells of a dark and wicked time: Winter. But we will not lay prone and black in the wake of this Arctic onslaught. No, we will fight it with every fiber of our wardrobes. We shall fight it red boots. We shall fight it with green mittens. We shall fight it with a rainbow of coats. And if we lay shivering and blue on a snow bank, no doubt Spring will rally once again to save us.Top: purpley striped coat, Anthropologie $99.95 (Clearance!)
yellow hooded peacoat, Delia's $69.50
teal coat with velvet trim, Urban Outfitters $148
Middle: fuchsia fitted puffer jacket, Guess at Nordstrom $88
red military coat, Steve Madden at Macy's $129.99 (Sale!)
orange shawl collar jacket, J. Crew $198 (Sale!)
Bottom: blue long wool coat, J. Crew $298 (Available in 12 colors!)
green circle quilted coat. Calvin Klein at Nordstrom $89
coral toggle coat, Rampage at Macy's $44.99 (Sale!)
navy and red plaid, Urban Outfitters $128


Laura said…
Looove colorful coats!

I hope you can check out the H&M giveaway I am throwing!

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