Love or Loathe: Velvet Boots

First of all, I hate the red and purple versions of this boot by Bordello. They're costume elements of the Red Hat Society circus. Despite my love for velvet and strappy boots, I'm not sure I'd buy the black ones either. I'd certainly compliment someone wearing them, but personally the toe-bow is too much.Bordello's "Whimsey" is available from Good Goth. (Sears also has them on their website which hurts my brain. I hope they're stocked in stores near the Craftsmen wrenches.)


becca said…
These have amazing styling potential. I would probably be drooling over them if they didn't have that bow simply because they could be a lot edgier without it.

(Although, I don't have the kind of extra money that would allow me to buy velvet boots unless they were on an impossible clearance since there are maybe 10 days a year I could wear them outside in Michigan.)
Catie D. said…
These look like a Victorian Tea Party abducted by Tim Burton. THe only thing I can see matching this is a pair of black and white striped tights and a frilly tutu.

Not my cup of tea.
rachel said…
Horrid bow aside, the thing that bothers me most about these shoes is the shape of the toe box. I do love all the strappy goodness though.
Robin said…
I really dislike these. I think my issue with them is the low heel. If you're going that crazy, go flat or go high. A kitten heel here seems hesitant and weird.
Gothic Attitude said…
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