Poll: Black Nail Polish

I painted my nails midnight blue, but everything thinks they're black. And the "black" is getting some unexpected reactions. A few people have recoiled, thought about it and said "Oh, you painted your nails black for Halloween." My brother responded in horror, "Why did you paint your nails black? You aren't goth or emo." An elderly woman at the library commented, "Isn't black a rather depressing color to paint your nails? There are so many pretty colors you could choose from." I even got a comment about it being rebellious.

When I told each of these people my nails were actually very dark blue, they looked closely, then they look relieved and complimented me on such pretty nails. Thanks everyone, but what's wrong with black nail polish? I love dark nail colors and after buying midnight blue I'm ready to buy several more. They're a great contrast to my skin and look amazing with all my fall & winter jewel tone clothing. Black nails seem like an exceptionally chic choice to me. I don't see why they are reserved for the gothic, emo, depressed, rebels and Halloween enthusiasts.

What Do You Think of Black Nail Polish?
Just another stylish nail color option
It's OK on the right person, but it's not for me.
Seems best left to the goth, emo, rebel, depressed, Halloween crowd
I don't like it at all.
Other (explain in comments)


Unknown said…
Holy cow! I wear black nail polish so often and that I wouldn't even think that anyone has such strong opinions about it!
It kinda bugs me that people feel that a woman's appearance is public property and must always conform to conventions of what is "pretty", and that anyone has the right to say something when a girl wants to break those conventions with things like black nails, colored hair, tattoos, or piercings. In this sense these innocent and seemingly harmless comments have an aggressive and almost hateful undertone that I'd personally be tactfully and politely pointing out, just to help people be a bit more open minded. Luckily, I don't have any people around me that think black nail polish is unusual, even at work in an office.
Jael Paris said…
Hexotica, I adore you.
ElyseEleanor said…
I get the exact same thing all the time. I love to wear OPI's "siberian nights" which is really dark purple, and I people ALWAYS think it's black. I have to say, look, in the sun you can tell it's dark purple! It's always irritating. I love dark nail polish though. It's my favorite for fall. Black nails just have a bad reputation for some reason.
Anonymous said…
I was wearing
glittery black nail polish
last week and got a compliment from the middle aged cashier guy at the deli. You never know who is going to like it or be 'offended!'
peter parker said…
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peter parker said…
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