Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2011

Lennon missed his big sister. When Sonja disappeared during one of her many trips to the Louvre, his heart became a cold hole. Who would make him laugh, make him gasp, make him dream?

But time passed and he was able to think beyond the pain to the good times they shared. His favorite moments weren't when she would take him to the museum, but rather when they'd sit outside. Laying in a sunny meadow, they'd spot shapes in clouds
weave crowns out of ivy and daisies
and fall asleep in the grass after hours of spotting birds and butterflies.Without Sonja, the world may be missing some wonder, but Lennon would do his best to strengthen his heart and seek beauty in her name.

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Catie D. said…

This is fabulous. This is the reason why I am so interested in fashion.

Wow =D =D =D =D
Sarah Dee said…
I think you should do this more!! i loved this post!!

Jael Paris said…
Alas, other designers don't even attempt a theme in their shows so stories can't be born from them.
Anonymous said…

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