This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

This Week in Pretty Dresses: See which Grammy Red Carpet looks we love and which looks we're putting to a vote. Also, we're ogling couture and getting gussied up for Valentine's Day.

This Week in Shopping:
We're loving Plan C vintage, wondering what you would pay for these stud shoes, picking up affordable Super Bowl party attire, undecided about this glove-belt skirt and recoiling in horror at these black bathing suits.

This Week in Underpinnings: We've rounded up bedtime bralettes, bright slips and camisoles on Etsy. Plus, we want to know what you look for in a bra.

Our Project Runway Recap has been delayed by circumstances beyond our control, but don't worry--we'll have it up at the beginning of next week.


Erica said…

I gave you a blog award! You can check it out/redeem it on my blog ( if you would like!

Take care guys,

Erica said…

I guess my style is just a little different sometimes... or being married to an old man is starting to get to me!

-after all I am sitting at home editing pictures on a Saturday night... BOOORRRINNG.

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