Grammys 2010: Favorite Looks

I usually look forward to the Grammys because the Red Carpet tends to be more fun than the parade of ball gowns at the other events. This year didn't excite me as much as other years, but there were still some great looks.

Lea Michelle is doing great with her Red Carpet outings this year. She has had success after success. I'm glad to see her try something short and fun for the Grammys. I look forward to more of her choices.
The Jennifers both looked great last night. Jennifer Nettles and Jennifer Hudson both chose looks from Victoria Beckham's Spring 2010 collection. Posh has to be happy. One best dressed on the red carpet is good publicity. Two is great!
I'm not so much a fan of Imogen Heap's dress as I am of the idea behind it. This dress featured a live Twitter feed tweeting anything with the has tag "#twitdress." Her handbag showcased Twitpics. I like her love of parasols, and I would love to see her style reigned in a bit for some truly quirky-weird-fun looks.
Beyonce's red carpet look disappointed me, but I loved her performance outfit! It was a great blend of playful and edgy. I wish she had tried something like this instead of the underwhelming look that overwhelmed her figure.
Rihanna rocked my favorite look of the night. Everything about this gown was perfect. She's keeping with this years white trend, and she's taking it to the next level. The shoulder and hip details look stunning. Rihanna even managed make that horrible hairstyle almost work.

Be sure to Rate the Red Carpet Looks be visiting our Grammy coverage from earlier today. What was your favorite look of the night?


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