The Horror: Black Bathing Suits

Victoria's Secret is promoting black bathing suits for summer, and oh are they precious. For some strange reason, the slashed one-shoulder suit makes me think of Lindsey Lohan. Perhaps I've seen her wear it before with cut offs and a fedora. The strappy monokini "with minimal back coverage" has even less material and costs the same $140 as the slasher number.
But the jewel of their collection is the topless bikini. It comes with a removable bandeau. This look didn't take off for Rudi Gernreich in the 60s, but then the push-up purveyor has a different clientele.


Erica said…
These are pretty bad... but there is hardly anything wrong with a black bathing suit... that is, unless it doesn't have a top :)
Jael Paris said…
VS is promoting black suits hard this season, so if you want one, do check out their selection of non-embarrassing swim attire.
rachel said…
Wow. And here I thought regular monokinis would give you horrible tan lines.
Liv said…
That topless bathing suit would look great on the beaches here in Spain. Anywhere in Europe, really.
.:*aMbAr*:. said…
I just saw that topless one last night and I got reaaally confused. I mean I would just go naked, instead of spending all that $$ in NO fabric.
Unknown said…
I don't think there's anything wrong with black bikinis, but these are just awful. I can't imagine seeing someone in these at the beach. Very trashy.

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